Thursday, November 5, 2009

Lets Take a Whack at It

I bought a book called Google Apps Hacks so "unlock the power of google for my company." One of the neat features mentioned was uploading my blog to my calendar. I thought "That really Rocks! Our adopters and volunteers can get the latest info right from the main page of our website all in one spot!" But I don't have a google blog. So I'm taking a whack at it. I guess the scariest part of writing a blog is coming up with exciting things to say that others will want to read. I think of that phone commercial with the parents learning to twitter and the dad writes "I'm on the porch."

Today I'm working on this google thing. In the long run I want to make updating our website easier. We have 3 websites and Facebook that I try to keep updated and it can get very overwhelming. I'm looking for some serious shortcuts.

15 puppies coming in today! Pics will be on on after 9:00pm tonight. See you there!