Friday, February 14, 2014

Feed the Puppies

There are 14 days left for our Feed the Puppies fundraiser. Any amount would be greatly appreciated. The link that takes you directly to this fundraiser is:

Wanted to take a moment to explain this fundraiser. One of the constant expenses of running a rescue is food. In the past Colorado Puppy Rescue had an agreement with Petco that they would supply food for our puppies on a regular basis. It didn't cover all of food needs, but it sure did help. We are no longer partnering with Petco, so that source of food is gone.

Many people want to just "drop off a bag of dog food", which is super thoughtful. However puppy food has a shelf life and if we have too much on hand, it sometimes goes bad before it can be used.

We wanted to have this fundraiser so we can setup an account that can be used to purchase puppy food as we need it. Any bit can help. Just to run some numbers by you: $10 can feed the average puppy for the time that it is in foster care. If you think that we are saving 20-40 puppies a week, that adds up.

A big thank you to everyone who has already donated and thank you to people who are able to help in the next 14 days.

One other note: We are selling puppy photos and you will want to grab them now before we raise the prices in March. If you haven't seen our puppy photos they can all be found here:

That is pretty long winded for my puppy blogs - so here are some photos from last nights photo shoot that didn't quite make the website - but they are ADORABLE!

Have a fabulous Friday and a great Valentine's Day.