Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Fix (2/22/2013) - Bed

By Christy Hess

It is vacation time at Colorado Puppy Rescue. We have not brought in new puppies for two weeks now. I am having serious withdraws!

Volunteering helps me in so many ways. Thursdays are so important to me. Not only do I get to see new cuddly puppies come in, starting their road to a better future, but I also get to take a deep breath and relax. I get to put my work aside for a while and enjoy holding a puppy or have a great time with the other volunteers. This week is just showing me how much I really do need that volunteer time. I am looking forward to next Thursday already.

Without puppy pictures, I have again looked to another source of pictures. My new favorite website: Fun ideas!

contemporary pet accessories by Unicahome
Voyage Pet Bed, outdoor By Kenneth Cobonpue - $860.00 » Space looking pod for you dog to sleep in. Wonder if this pup is paranoid at all - I would be.
contemporary pet accessories by DenHaus
by DenHaus
by DenHaus
BowHaus Modern Dog Furniture - $599.99 » Does martini really add to this photo? I guess that was why I picked it.
contemporary pet accessories by Binq Design
Bloq White Dog - EUR 299.00 » Not sure that the expression on this pup is selling this product for me. 
contemporary pet accessories by JardinChic
Niche Jardini√®re Kokon for Dogs and Cats - EUR 249.90 » Whose idea was it to think a Jack Russell would be the best candidate to have sit in a box. I don't know that they ever sit still. And who cut out that door?
modern pet accessories by The Bella Cottage
Kemp Dog House in Burlap - $945.00 » I don't think I could pay this much for a dog bed even if I had a ton of money!
contemporary pet accessories by
Pod Bed in Spring Bud Green - $99.00 » Someone will need to explain this one to me  I just don't get it!
pet accessories by The Well Appointed House
Celebrity Dog Bed - $400.00 » You wonder why Yorkies believe they own the world.
pet accessories by La Lune Collection
Rustic Dog Beds from La Lune Collection » I always wanted a canopy bed as a little girl. Talk about a lucky dog!

Just to make sure we do also include something totally outrageous here is a picture from Denise Richard's residence. Each dog has their own stall or maybe they are dressing rooms - wow!

Finally, just in case you have missed the theme, I wanted to let you know that I found the cutest dog bed I have EVER seen. Here is just one example:

I cannot wait to put in my order! If you are interested and would like more information on these beds and how to get one of your very own, please check out the Dreaming Dog website.

Hope everyone has a nice, safe week. Stay warm out there.