Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Fix (2/8/2013) - Around Town

By Christy Hess

Thank you for voting for the names of the 5Ks last week. Of the four suggestions Mutt Strut won by a landslide, but a suggestion for Ruff Start and Ready to Walk is also going to be brought back to the committee. Stay tuned for more details.

Spring is in the air...unless of course you live on the east coast, where Nemo is pound down snow. Here in Denver the weather is quite mild and I am looking forward to Spring when I can take the dogs for our nightly walk.

I have lived in Colorado all of my life, and often times I overlook new places because I am always headed to the same place all of the time. To get out of that rut, I download a couple of apps on my IPhone (also available for Android) to find new things to do with my dogs.

The first app is called Dog Friendly Mobile, it is great for travelers, telling dog friendly hotels, highways and rest stops, but not what I wanted.

The second app is called Dog Friendly. I put in my zip code and it immediately came back with dog friendly hotels/motels, but also dog parks & beaches and campgrounds. These are places that are just a few miles away from my house that I never even knew existed. The mileage is a bit off, but it definitely gives me some new places to check out with my dogs!

Please let me know what your favorite application is for your pup?

We have some really cute puppies this week, and I have a couple of bloopers that I pulled out that didn't make it on the website, but were just too cute!

Whoops - my eyes are closed.

Big head...tiny body.

Where does the tiger end and the dog begin? Perfect angle!

I seeeeeeee you!

Aw please, aren't I cute enough without having to use the stupid props?

Wink, wink!

I am soooo tired!

Happy Valentines Day!

I looooovvveeee you!

This one was active, but so sweet!

The shame of having your picture taken in a basket!
Hope you have a fabulous week and Happpy Valentines Days!