Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Fix (2/15/2013) - Dreaming

By Christy Hess

If I had a million dollars, I would start up an indoor dog park here in the Denver metro area. If you or any of your friends would like to fund this venture, please contact me. But for now, that is just my dream.

Today I spent some time on - super fun website to see some really cool things for your home. There is a section for pets as well, and thought I would highlight some of my favorites. My comments are in red.

eclectic pet accessories by Etsy
by Etsy
by Etsy
Wine Barrel Pet Bed by Wine Barrel Woodcraft - $92.00 » Can't think of a better way to use a winebarrel!
eclectic pet accessories by Opulent Items
Tennis Bed - $300.00 » My border collies would love, love, love this bed!
contemporary pet accessories by FRONTGATE
Brown Metropolitan Double Pet Bed Dog Bed - $400.00 » This is better than the bunk bed that I bought for my son!
modern pet accessories by FRONTGATE
Dyson Vacuum Grooming Brush - Frontgate - $69.99 » I would recommend these people think of getting a different photo, this pup does not look very happy.
modern pet accessories by Santa Monica Bay Lighting Since "1976"
23025 Lucky, Pet Bed by uttermost - $415.80 » What company sells dog beds but doesn't even use a real dog in the photo to sell their product?
traditional pet accessories by FRONTGATE
Sonoma Pet Feeder by Unleashed Life - Medium (16-3/4"W) - $99.50 » These are nicer than any dish I have in my home - wow what a bargin!
pet accessories by La Lune Collection
Rustic Dog Beds from La Lune Collection » I am going to get this when I purchase my mountain lodge!
eclectic pet accessories by Wannekes
Luxury Caravan Doghouse - EUR 950.00 » A trailer home for your dog, if I do the math right that is $1270!
traditional pet accessories by The Well Appointed House
Luxury Dog House: English Cottage for » Park that next to this luxury dog house and make it look real!
pet accessories by La Lune Collection
Rustic Dog Beds from La Lune Collection » When you have two dogs, of course the first thing you think to purchase is bunk beds - NOT!
contemporary pet accessories by Rockstar Puppy
Glam Limestone Dog House - $30,000.00 » Click on this link! It is a $30,000 dog house with an air conditioner and chandelier. People accuse me of spoiling my dogs!
contemporary pet accessories by
Series 2 Double Raised Feeder - $118.00 » I don't own anything this nice for the people in my home, sigh!
pet accessories Puppy Tweets
Puppy Tweets - $9.45 » This was just the geek in me!!!! 

A. what is this woman doing in this photo? 
B. they send a tweet by interpreting your dogs movements! 

This I gotta see!
contemporary pet accessories by Wind & Weather
Hot Dog Feeder - $99.95 » This is just weird enough that I want one! Anyone else?
modern pet accessories by Better Living Through Design
Mutt : dog dwelling - $750.00 » It looks like they just stacked some boards up and that this is going to fall down at any moment - hmm, let's call it modern art!
traditional pet accessories by The Well Appointed House
Colonial Mansion Dog or Cat House - $6,160.00 » When I win the lottery, maybe I should consider a mansion for my dog, or maybe just get them a doggy door so they can share my mansion.

Enjoy your week. Check out this website and let me know what must have items you find on