Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Fix (8/24/2012) - First Foster

By Guest Foster

Our First Foster Experience 

We got our puppy on a Saturday after an adoption event. Wow were we happy to help. Thought we had all the digs we needed (we have two pups ourselves so toys are no problem) and then realized we had nothing at all (no bowls or extra padding for him to feel safe in his crate, no sound proof room, nothing). Needless to say the kids were excited to pick up our pup. 

Upon our return home our very spoiled dogs smell him before we even pull up to the driveway, I think they smelled him the day before. All wiggles and wags aside the three seemed to be happy as can be (after some sniffing time if you know what I'm saying). We decided to give him a quick name (no one wants to be known by a number...oh come here 123, just doesn't have a great ring to it) so Buddy became our first baby boy (quick and easy, doesn't mean it stuck). The name fits trust me. He doesn't listen, although he does a great job with going potty outside. Got to love owning a carpet cleaner just in case.

So we go to bed, he sleeps through the night (miracle of god) and all is well till Sunday evening. We decide we'll see how he does on a leash. Thankfully our dogs are pretty good on a leash so they should help him get around. We get out of the front door, half way down the street, and all of the sudden Buddy hears a "big dog bark". Faster than you can reach down to help him feel safe, he's half way out of his leash, back peddling ready to run. I get him gathered up, carry him a bit so he can feel safe, walk him some more, and of course another bark, same problem, same results I'm carrying him on his first walk. Get about three houses and put him back down. Finally coming home for the last half block to the house (less than a 15 minute walk mind you) a little tiny Chihuahua named Killer comes flying out to his backyard barking (yipping) at my three pups. My two other dogs are fine, walking along no problem. Buddy decided this is one he might take on. He growls as we walk by, tail held high. He gets home, happy that he stood his ground. Such a proud puppy who can take on all those little dogs...happy tails all around and a second good night of sleep. Such a great experience with our little Buddy, enjoy the pictures of him, he's a great pup and will be wonderful for anyone who is lucky enough to have this little Buddy (name is certainly optional).

A loving foster family

Thank you so much for sharing your stories - Christy Hess