Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Fix (8/17/2012) - Foster

By Regina Lane 

As I sit here and watch our current foster puppies playing in our yard with my son and dogs, I realize how much there is about fostering that I love. I wonder about other fosters, why they foster and what they like about it. So I’ve put together a top ten list:

10. Puppy naps! There’s nothing better than a sleeping puppy on your lap.
9. To go along with 10, a great excuse why you can’t get your house work done. “Don’t want to wake a sleeping puppy.”
8. They wear the kids out, and the kids wear the puppies out. It’s a symbiotic relationship!
7. Three days out of my life, can mean a whole new life for a puppy.
6. Watching your full grown dog turn into a puppy again.
5. You never have cold toes with little, fluffy puppies laying/ playing with them.
4. I call this one the “Grandparent clause”. Fosters get to spoil the puppies rotten and then give them to their new parents.
3. A great chance to see if your kids will keep their word and take care of the puppy. What parent has not heard that promise? “Please can we get it, I promise I’ll take care of it. You won’t have to do anything.”
2. Watching my big, tough husband turn into Jell-o with a puppy in his lap.
1. PUPPY KISSES!! Nothing better than the sweet breath that comes with those kisses of pure love. 

I’ve been fostering puppies for Colorado Puppy Recue for almost five years now and love every minute of it. I started because my son really wanted a puppy. In his words “Mommy & Daddy have their own puppies why can’t I have one too?” So I decided to look into finding a program where we could bring puppies home and let him see how much work they really are. He learned really fast and I was hooked on the program just as fast.

Around 300 puppies have gone through my house. Of those only two have stayed. But the one question that I get asked the most by people looking into being a foster is “How do you give them up?” If truth be known most times it’s hard, but there are those puppies that I can’t drop off at an adoption event fast enough. But one of the great things about the rescue is that I can be a foster and a volunteer at the same time. What’s so great about that is that I get to see and meet the families that are adopting. Seeing the smiles and joy on not only the families faces but the puppy’s makes me feel so glad. That is why I do what I do. Just knowing that I have helped a family grow, or a single person become a family there is nothing better. Beside if I kept every puppy that I fell in love with then they would have a T.V. show about me. LOL