Saturday, November 19, 2016

Evolution of Puppy Photos

It was brought to my attention this week that out puppy photos have really changed over the years. Every week I used to post to this blog with my favorite photos, bloopers and fun facts. Then life happened and the weekly blog posts stopped happening.

I am not going to promise to do blog posts every week again, but I would like to start posting more often.

Colorado Puppy Rescue has given me a gift that I want to share. The last 3 years I have immersed myself in learning photography. It was a rough start, but luckily puppies are cute not matter who is behind the lens.

You can see many examples of photos a few years back in the previous blog post. If nothing else scanning through them gave me a real laugh.

We were taking photos outside and this time of year was rough - shooting in the dark was a way of life, and what was in the background was anyone's guess:

I was also learning photo editing software and spent HOURS on getting just the right affect.

Not to shock you but the puppy above was not at the beach.

Again....I know this is really fantastic editing, but this puppy was not looking in through a car window!!!

The photos that we are doing today are simple, but I hope that the love that I pour into it still shines through. The one thing that hasn't changed over the years...........puppies are still adorable.

Christy Hess