Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Fix (9/28/2012) - Busy

By Christy Hess

What a busy week and the week ahead looks even more jam packed!

Want to thank EVERYONE for their support with our Grassroots Groupon Fundraiser. We raised over $4,000! We will make sure it is put to great use covering one of the biggest expenses of the rescue - vaccinations!

We are also going to have a booth at the Responsible Dog Owner Festival this Sunday. Stop by and say hello.

One of our adopters/fosters gave us an update on Beaker - lab mix - class of 2008 Colorado Puppy Rescue #218:

Beaker is a four year old lab mix. She has recently attended the Susan G. Komen Pooches in Pink walk in Colorado Springs in support of finding a cure for breast cancer. She also has been trained in the new canine sport, Nosework. Last week she attempted to title in Nosework I at the National Association of Canine Scent Work trial in Golden, but did miss one of the four tests by a few inches. She loves this sport which includes all dogs: pure bred and mixed breeds, large and small, reactive and non-reactive, physically handicapped or not. She has also been invited to the USDAA (U.S. DogAgility Association) trials this weekend in Commerce City to demonstrate this new sport of Nosework. She will be starting agility classes in the near future at the Petco on Mexico Avenue where the adoptions are held, while still continuing her nosework training.

We are all anxiously awaiting the arrival of Brook's baby girl - waiting is getting soooooo hard, but if she has her baby on October 5th - I win the pool.

We brought in over 40 puppies this week. Looking forward to seeing them find their forever homes on Saturday. In case you missed the pics on our website or Facebook, here are some of the cuties of the week.

Enjoy - have a great and safe weekend.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Fix (9/21/2012) - End of Summer

By Christy Hess

Well I went out tonight and found that today is the last day of summer. It is bitter sweet. We had an extremely HOT summer and I am looking forward to cooler weather, but NOT looking forward to snow.

I would like to share some fall pictures with all of you.

Thank you Brook for getting all of the great Fall props for puppy pictures.

Check out the photo albums on Zenfolio - we got some new Alum and Before & After pics.

Finally - thank you EVERYONE for making the Groupon campaign a success!!! If you haven't seen it yet, please check it out at 

Happy Friday!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Fix (9/14/2012) - Busy

By Christy Hess

We have a number of exciting events for Colorado Puppy Rescue in the next few weeks. We want to shout about it and tell all of our friends! We hope that you can share this with all of your friends too!

Summerset Festival's 1st Annual Woof Walk

This year the Summerset Festival is hosting a FunDay for Dogs at Clement Park. Colorado Puppy Rescue will have a fundraising booth. We'll sell collars, leashes and harnesses in an attempt to raise money for new supplies (like crates and play pens.)

Also Enjoy a 1.5 mile walk with your best four-legged friend. Summerset Festival's Woof Walk benefits local animal non-profits like CPR. It's family friendly so bring the kids along too.

What: The 1st Annual Woof Walk at the Summerset Festival's "FunDay for Dogs"
Where: Clement Park in Littleton
When: Sunday, September 16th
Time: Registration at 8am, the walk begins at 9am.
How Much: $10 per dog- proceeds to benefit organizations like CPR.

Grassroots Groupon Fundraiser

September 17 - September 23 - We are doing a huge fundraiser for Colorado Puppy Rescue in conjunction with Groupon.

Colorado Puppy Rescue and Groupon Grassroot (, the philanthropic arm of Groupon, is helping to raise money to help cover the cost vaccinations. Vaccinations for puppies is a huge expense for the rescue, each puppy requiring approximately $30 worth of vaccinations to be up to date and ready for adoption.

The Colorado Puppy Rescue campaign will be available on the Denver Groupon Grassroots page beginning on September 17th and running through September 23rd. 

Utilizing Groupon Grassroots' collective action model, Groupon subscribers can pledge support for the Colorado Puppy Rescue campaign initiative in increments of $10.

100% percent of the Groupon Grassroots campaign proceeds will be used to purchase vaccinations for the puppies that we rescue.

When: Sept 17 - 23
How Much: $10 - 100% of the benefits go to Colorado Puppy Rescue, but we must sell 60 before we get anything!

Responsible Dog Owner Fest

Come Sit, Stay and Play on 9/30/2012 from 12:00 - 3:00 pm as Rocky Mountain Dog Training and VIPet Sitter Service host the First Annual Event in Broomfield, Colorado! We will have a booth.

What: Responsible Dog Owner Fest
Where: Rocky Mountain Dog Training - 6801 W. 117th Ave - Broomfield, CO 80020
When: Sunday, September 30th
Time: 12pm - 3pm

Phew!!!!!! Well I am tired just talking about all of that. We also have a big event this week with 31 puppies. Here are some of the photos that Kristen and I were able to capture. Enjoy and Happy Friday!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Fix (9/7/2012) - Volunteering

By Christy Hess

I found out last night that I have been volunteering for Colorado Puppy Rescue for 5 years now. It is such a wonderful organization, I can't even imagine my life without CPR.

So for today, I thought I would put together my top 10 reasons for volunteering at Colorado Puppy Rescue and sprinkle in some photos of puppies that are available this week, taken by Kristen, Jill and myself.

Number 10 - Food! CPR always has great snacks for us to munch on including a bin of snacks at the adoption event. On Thursdays snacks are setup after all of the puppies have been brought in and we are waiting for fosters. The cherry tomato BLTs are my favorite.....yummmmmm!!!!!

Number 9 - Exercise! I guess this is most important to counter balance number 10. I can get my steps in to work off all of the food and snacks. I am working on getting 10,000 steps a day. Depending on what area I am working, I can usually get about 3,000 - 5,000 steps in!

Number 8 - Have Fun! You get to volunteer where ever you feel most comfortable. Sometimes, I like to carry in puppies on Thursdays, so I get some time with the puppies one on one. Other times, I like to volunteer as an adoption counselor to talk to the adopters. There is a place for everyone.

Number 7 - Time with friends!!! Over the last 5 years I have met a number of people from all walks of life and am happy to be able to call them my close friends. The puppy girls (as I lovingly refer to the volunteers at CPR) are my closest friends. They are always there and I treasure the time that we get to spend together.

Number 6 - Rewarding! With this organization, you get to see the entire cycle of puppy rescue. Seeing those vulnerable little puppies being carried in, marketing the puppies on the website, seeing a more confident puppy at the adoption event because they spent time in a great foster home, and then seeing the adopters fall in love with their new puppies. Awwww!

Number 5 - Fun events! In addition to the Intake and Adoption events every week, we also have Horrifying Day of Scrapbooking, Book Swaps and Dinners. You can even contribute to this very blog!

Number 4 - Inside scoop! You get to see what puppies will be available before anyone else, and you get to play with them too!!!!

Number 3 - Breed Identification! You get to learn about new breeds of puppies, because most of our puppies come in as Aneedahome breed. We look up dog breeds in books and on the internet based on some of the distinct puppy characteristics (ears, coat, coloring, size, eye coloring) to find our best guess. Everyone gets to vote.

Number 2 - Puppy Time!!!! Really one of the main attractions is that we are encouraged to cuddle and snuggle with a puppy. Puppy kisses and puppy breath!!!! My dogs at home get upset when they smell the other puppies - but they forgive me faster when the puppy doesn't come home with me.

And finally the Number 1 reason that I love volunteering for Colorado Puppy Rescue is......listening to Brook's stories. Like the one about.................I really need to have her tell it!!!!! My favorite is about her witch doctor!

Happy Friday everyone!

P.S. Please leave a comment with your top reasons for volunteering. I would love to hear from you!