Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Fix (9/28/2012) - Busy

By Christy Hess

What a busy week and the week ahead looks even more jam packed!

Want to thank EVERYONE for their support with our Grassroots Groupon Fundraiser. We raised over $4,000! We will make sure it is put to great use covering one of the biggest expenses of the rescue - vaccinations!

We are also going to have a booth at the Responsible Dog Owner Festival this Sunday. Stop by and say hello.

One of our adopters/fosters gave us an update on Beaker - lab mix - class of 2008 Colorado Puppy Rescue #218:

Beaker is a four year old lab mix. She has recently attended the Susan G. Komen Pooches in Pink walk in Colorado Springs in support of finding a cure for breast cancer. She also has been trained in the new canine sport, Nosework. Last week she attempted to title in Nosework I at the National Association of Canine Scent Work trial in Golden, but did miss one of the four tests by a few inches. She loves this sport which includes all dogs: pure bred and mixed breeds, large and small, reactive and non-reactive, physically handicapped or not. She has also been invited to the USDAA (U.S. DogAgility Association) trials this weekend in Commerce City to demonstrate this new sport of Nosework. She will be starting agility classes in the near future at the Petco on Mexico Avenue where the adoptions are held, while still continuing her nosework training.

We are all anxiously awaiting the arrival of Brook's baby girl - waiting is getting soooooo hard, but if she has her baby on October 5th - I win the pool.

We brought in over 40 puppies this week. Looking forward to seeing them find their forever homes on Saturday. In case you missed the pics on our website or Facebook, here are some of the cuties of the week.

Enjoy - have a great and safe weekend.