Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Fix (9/7/2012) - Volunteering

By Christy Hess

I found out last night that I have been volunteering for Colorado Puppy Rescue for 5 years now. It is such a wonderful organization, I can't even imagine my life without CPR.

So for today, I thought I would put together my top 10 reasons for volunteering at Colorado Puppy Rescue and sprinkle in some photos of puppies that are available this week, taken by Kristen, Jill and myself.

Number 10 - Food! CPR always has great snacks for us to munch on including a bin of snacks at the adoption event. On Thursdays snacks are setup after all of the puppies have been brought in and we are waiting for fosters. The cherry tomato BLTs are my favorite.....yummmmmm!!!!!

Number 9 - Exercise! I guess this is most important to counter balance number 10. I can get my steps in to work off all of the food and snacks. I am working on getting 10,000 steps a day. Depending on what area I am working, I can usually get about 3,000 - 5,000 steps in!

Number 8 - Have Fun! You get to volunteer where ever you feel most comfortable. Sometimes, I like to carry in puppies on Thursdays, so I get some time with the puppies one on one. Other times, I like to volunteer as an adoption counselor to talk to the adopters. There is a place for everyone.

Number 7 - Time with friends!!! Over the last 5 years I have met a number of people from all walks of life and am happy to be able to call them my close friends. The puppy girls (as I lovingly refer to the volunteers at CPR) are my closest friends. They are always there and I treasure the time that we get to spend together.

Number 6 - Rewarding! With this organization, you get to see the entire cycle of puppy rescue. Seeing those vulnerable little puppies being carried in, marketing the puppies on the website, seeing a more confident puppy at the adoption event because they spent time in a great foster home, and then seeing the adopters fall in love with their new puppies. Awwww!

Number 5 - Fun events! In addition to the Intake and Adoption events every week, we also have Horrifying Day of Scrapbooking, Book Swaps and Dinners. You can even contribute to this very blog!

Number 4 - Inside scoop! You get to see what puppies will be available before anyone else, and you get to play with them too!!!!

Number 3 - Breed Identification! You get to learn about new breeds of puppies, because most of our puppies come in as Aneedahome breed. We look up dog breeds in books and on the internet based on some of the distinct puppy characteristics (ears, coat, coloring, size, eye coloring) to find our best guess. Everyone gets to vote.

Number 2 - Puppy Time!!!! Really one of the main attractions is that we are encouraged to cuddle and snuggle with a puppy. Puppy kisses and puppy breath!!!! My dogs at home get upset when they smell the other puppies - but they forgive me faster when the puppy doesn't come home with me.

And finally the Number 1 reason that I love volunteering for Colorado Puppy Rescue is......listening to Brook's stories. Like the one about.................I really need to have her tell it!!!!! My favorite is about her witch doctor!

Happy Friday everyone!

P.S. Please leave a comment with your top reasons for volunteering. I would love to hear from you!