Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Fix - Smiles and Special Thanks to Petco (5/18/2012)

By Christy Hess

Thank You

Want to start off with a special thank you to Art and Matt at our Petco (Colorado Blvd and I-25) for their gracious donation of 20 bags of puppy food!!!!!!!!!!! Food is something that is needed every day in a rescue so this donation is greatly appreciated and used. Our rescue, puppies, volunteers and adopters all send you a huge THANK YOU!!!!

Light an Airy Content

We have a puppy for adoption this week that has the most magnificient smile, I tried to capture it on camera last night and failed, but it got me thinking that this is a great time for me to share some special smiles.

Enjoy my PLog (Picture Blog):

"I love my bed and toys so much"
This is a pretty natural smile - like the Joker.
This one may not be truly a smile, but what a cute pic!

The following photos are living proof that running makes pups happy!

OK - so some of these dogs may just be smirking, or panting, but I do hope you enjoy the pictures and that you were able to take a break from the busy month of May and smile.