Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Fix - Dog Days of Summer (7/13/2012)

By Christy Hess

It has started off as such a hot summer and there is no relief in sight. I thought I would go over a few things to watch for with dogs in the summer.

A dog's foot pads are the toughest part of his/her skin, and absorb the shock and pressure on his joints from standing, walking and running. However, a dog's pads can easily burn and blister as a result of walking on a hot pavement or through hot sand. If you take your dog for a walk on these super hot days, make sure it is early in the day and that there is plenty of shade.

Also watch for dehydration and heat stroke in your dog. Dogs do not sweat so they do not tolerate high temperatures as well as humans do. Dogs depend upon panting to exchange warm air for cool air. But when air temperature is close to body temperature, cooling by panting is not an efficient process.

My best advice is to keep dogs out of hot cars and make sure they have plenty of water.

Sometime dogs love having a kids wading pool to play in.

Really - I think this dog is having a fabulous time, just doesn't know how to show it.

Dogs version of butterfly stroke.

You can always combine other games like fetch with a wading pool.

What says summer fun more than puppies in a wading pool? Running in the sprinklers of course.

Keep your dogs (and yourself) cool this summer.