Friday, October 18, 2013

Something Brand New (10/18/2013)

We get questions and emails all of the time asking if there is a way for people to contact adopters of litter mates. Well - now there is.

We started a new forum/bulletin board at feel free to check it out. We setup boards for "Premium Members" that allows people who donate $5 to have access to boards like:

  • Find a littermate
  • Find a playmate
We will also be attempting to contact littermates to let them know someone is looking for them!!!! The boards will be staffed by Colorado Puppy Rescue volunteers and fosters. It will be like the Alumni Reunion all year long!

We have some cute puppies this week and fabulous photos by Brook. Here are a few that I just HAD to share.

That is a talented tongue roll!

Does this smell funny to you? Because it smells funny to me!

A happy little Bronco fan!


Do you see a ghost?

Hmmm.....I was told it was hard to find the dog when I used the flower arrangement......

Hope you have a great week and will chat with you on the boards!