Friday, May 30, 2014

Black Dog Syndrome

This week we have a ton of super cute puppies, but looking through my photos I noticed that we have a large number of black dogs. I wrote a blog in 2012 about how other rescues have a hard time finding homes for black dogs....they just kind of fade into the background. If you want to see that old blog click here.

I have two black and white dogs, at first glance people can't tell them apart, but they are so different I don't know how people can get them confused.

After I wrote that blog in 2012 have tried really hard to give an extra effort when taking photos of black dogs. I would love to try some black on black photography with some of these puppies, but have not had time to really work with the technique. Hoping the photos below will be help to find all of our black dogs homes.

Looking forward to getting all of our cuties adopted this week. This week we received some puppies from a rescue in Oklahoma. The rescuer was told there was a mom and pups out in the forest. They went out and retrieved the mom and pups, but back at the car, the mom jumped out. Thinking they left a puppy behind they followed mom back into the forest where they found two other moms with litters of puppies (3 moms and 22 puppies). We were able to assist this rescue by taking eight puppies that were ready to find their forever homes. So happy they reached out to us!