Thursday, August 7, 2014

You've heard of shark week, but have you heard of Chihuahua Week?

 At CPR we are celebrating chihuahua week by featuring one of our pocket-sized puppies every day. Today, I am honored to introduce you to Puppy #870 our Chi-Weenie Mix Boy.

He's a little boy with a huge heart that just wants to love you all the time.HeI loves to play with his toys and other dogs but he really just wants to snuggle up with you. Will you please adopt him so he can give you puppy kisses and snuggles?

Our boy is about 12 weeks old and about 8 lbs. He can fit in a shoe box, in your lap, in a purse, in your shirt....

Puppy #870 is happy sleeping in his bed (or yours.) 

He likes to chew (he's teething) but pretty much only on his toys. He does love to play with his toys.


        He likes to chew on sticks too.

He loves roll around in the grass and hang out in the sunshine. He's also working on perfecting his stink eye.

Our boy is will be available for adoption at our Saturday adoption event at The Hopeful Hound. ( or by appointment. Email