Sunday, January 10, 2010

Crazy Busy!

Wow! 33 puppies were adopted at yesterday's adoption event. Great news. It was very busy. Our list was a page and a half long before I arrived at 10:15. There was a couple who flew in from Portland for the Greater Swiss pups. They ended up adopting on of the GSMDs and the Blue Heeler/ Mtn Dog Mix.  A couple of ladies from the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Rescue were there. They just wanted to make sure that our adopters knew that GSMD was just a breed guess and that we didn't have any proof. That is the case with ALL of our puppies. Since we get them from shelters and not individuals we do not get to see the parents and they very rarely come in with paperwork. I don't think anyone expects to get a papered GSMD for a $125 adoption fee.  The ladies brought their GSMD's with them so we were able to give our many adopters an idea of how big these pups would turn out to be. I knew it would be busy because I must have fielded at least 200 emails over the last few day. They're still coming in too. People want to know if we have any of our puppies left.

We do! You can view them using our new pet adoption portal (from on our website at I'm very excited about the new portal. I think it looks cleaner, more professional and I love that you can see the puppy picture and the puppy details/description at the same time. It should make it easier for our adopters to find the right puppy for them. The big draw back? While the portal will update and our main website automatically it will not update petfinder. I need to go through a different software program that is supposed to sync it for me. Unfortunately I can not run it without errors and I still need to update petfinder manually.  On the bright side it will still save me time because I only need to enter the info twice instead of three times.

Special Thanks to the Hill Family and their very generous donation of $800. Harry, Angie and their dog Bear (adopted from CPR a little over 3 years ago) visited our adoption event yesterday to say hi and present us with a donation. We'll have to discuss what to do with this pleasant surprise. We're trying to buy a new puppy van now and this will go nicely as part of a down payment. We could also use it to update some of our adoption equipment. Our black wire crates are getting old and a little rusty. Our hard travel crates are loosing their handles and some screws. Wow! Think about all the food we can get! $800 is a lot of money to us and it will take a little time to figure out where to use it. Thanks again Hill Family!

One of our partner shelters, Colfax Pet Rescue in New Mexico was forced to close due to a problem with their lease. They are unable to find another place to move the shelter to at this time. We brought in a few litters from them last week including a mama and her 12 day old pups. Mama is a white, small sized terrier mix. Maybe a Norfolk Terrier Mix? She has 5 small puppies. All but one of them are black. The last is black and white. Check back in a few days for updates.
Many of you already know that Colorado Furbabies Rescue has also closed. We are already feeling the impact as their partner shelters scramble to find a place for their pups. We have been bombarded with requests for transfer. During this time we'll be forging new relationships and reacquainting ourselves with old ones. We're planning for more busy times ahead.