Wednesday, April 14, 2010

There's a lot going on at CPR that I'd like to share.
The first is Puppy #291, now known as River, pictured on the left. River came in on Thursday from a shelter in Santa Fe. She has a Cherry Eye. Unlike people, dogs have a third eyelid in the corner of each eye that contains a tear duct. Normally you don't see it but sometimes, for reasons unknown, it can come out of it's normal position and swell. That is a condition called cherry eye. You can see it on her left eye. The treatment is usually to surgically move it back into place.
Today I met River's adopter at Broadview Animal Clinic so that her Cherry Eye could get treated. She was in the great spirits of a puppy who'd never been to a vet's office and didn't know what was in store. She had a great weekend of hiking in the mountains and seeing a herd of deer. Today her eye looked a lot better. I could hardly see her third eyelid but the adopter and I chose to go ahead with the surgery just to make sure that it was taken care of. CPR paid for the surgery as agreed upon on our contract with River's adopter. He's promised to keep in touch so we can see River as she grows.

Last Friday Denver Cycle Sluts threw CPR a fundraiser. We played BINGO with Denver's Original Camp Drag Comedy Troupe. Visit their website here. We had too much fun! There were a TON of prizes, some provided by CPR and some by the Cycle Sluts. It was hosted at Hamburger Mary's so there was food and lots of drinks. (BTW, it was 21 and over only. Not a family event!) They raised $1,150 for us at that event. Thank you Denver Cycle Sluts for a great time and a fabulous fundraiser. Also thanks to Kitty for getting us in there and to Kitty, Rhonda, and Kim for setting up prizes.

Sasha is a 10-11 mth old lab/whippet mix that we brought into the rescue back in October, pictured to the right. She was one of a litter of six pups that were hard to find homes for because they were a little older to begin with. Volunteer Christy Elly and friend of volunteer Robin both adopted pups from this litter. Poor Sasha has had the hardest time. She's been adopted and returned 3 times. This last time the adopters discovered that she has a growth plate problem that will require surgery. They are not prepared to handle such a surgery so they chose to relinquish her back to our care so that we can get her the help she needs. Kim and I have taken Sasha to an Orthopedic Specialist and an Orthopedic Surgeon for opinions and cost estimates. It looks now, like the best thing for Sasha's recovery, quality of life and opportunity for re-adoption is to have her leg amputated. She goes in for surgery next week. Her foster mom Jackie will tell you that she is active, loves to run and play, as well as sit next to you on the sofa. All of these things she'll continue to do after her surgery. After a short recovery she'll go up for adoption and find a new home. Many people have asked about helping with Sasha's surgery financially. Thanks to last week's fundraiser and a private sponsor (Samantha and her CPR Alum Three-Legged dog Scribble) we'll be able to cover Sasha's surgery and recovery. However, donations are always accepted and appreciated. Donations can be make directly to our Camma-Lyla Fund from the donations page on our website. Click here to go to the CPR website donation page.

I'll be sure to update you on River and Sasha as information comes in. See you soon!
ps. I love Google's spellchecker!