Thursday, April 22, 2010

Writen on a cloudy day...

Greetings on a dark and cloudy day.
Earlier this week Kim took Sasha to Broadview Animal Clinic to have her front, right leg amputated. This was the best thing for Sasha's pain, activity level, and quality of life. She came through surgery with flying colors and is now resting and recovering at Kim's home. She will start feeling better next week. Right now she needs help to stand and to go outside to potty. Her full recovery time should be just a couple of weeks.
Her surgery cost just over $600 so it was great to have the help of Sasha's sponsors and the Cycle Slut fundraiser.

One of the most common questions I get is about tracking down litter mates for reunions. We had our first meeting of the CPR Alumni Homecoming Committee this week. The Homecoming Event will be a great big get-together of all of our previously adopted dogs and puppies. Since CPR opened it's doors in Oct. 2005 we have rescued and adopted over 4000 puppies. I do not think everyone will come. My hope is that we'll have at least 100 alum at our event. SAVE THE DATE: we're planning for September.  Think you'd like to attend? Drop me a note so that I know I won't be the only one there! Right now, we think that there will be no cost to get into the event. We're planning for contests and games (these will have entrance fees because they're fundraisers) as well as inviting Animal Industry Folk to join in and sponsor a booth. (Are you an interested industry folk? Let us know!) We will have all of our photos books out, we'll be taking photos for before and after, we'll have ways to meet up with litter mates, prizes and MORE.
Would you like to help out but aren't the type to plan or go to meetings?
  • Ideas for a location that can accommodate us (electricity is a must).
  • Cool, fun or classy items for our BIG Raffle (We can send you a letter of intent, our 501(c)3 and a donation receipt.) 
    • Maybe you have a time share you can, um, share?
    • Restaurant gift certificate?
    • Pet Lover’s item?
    • How about a basket of goodies for the pampered pet?
    • Or pampered pet owner?
    • Connection to an airline, hotel, manufacturer, retailer, groomer, trainer….
    • Are you a talented artist with a work you can donate?
    • Tight on cash but long on time? Maybe you would make a call or write a letter or email to ask for a donation on our behalf.
  • A neat, eye-catching invitation design asking for event sponsors that we can send to local businesses.
  • A neat, eye-catching invitation design inviting previous adopters to the event.
  • Recommendations for event service companies (that provide tents, chairs, tables) that would be willing to offer non-profit discounts or donations.
  • Have you come up with some way you can help that I haven't? We'd love your help. Please let me know what you'd like to do!