Friday, October 8, 2010

October Resolutions and Reflections of the Week

October is my favorite month for many reasons. October, with it's chilly temperatures, red, yellow and orange trees, crunchy/smelly leaves, is full of holidays and celebrations. CPR's birthday is in October (we'll be 5 this year.) My parents' birthdays are in October. Halloween of course, but it is my birthday that is the cause of today's blog. It was a milestone birthday and with each one that passes I think of my "October Resolutions." One of them was to pick up this blog once and for all and run with it. 

Puppy 900
 At This Week's Intake we brought in puppy# 900. The 900th puppy that we have rescued and adopted this year. See her picture to the left. We're calling her an English Pointer Mix. She's from the Taos Shelters. This photo is one that her foster mama submitted.

While I'm Writing This I'm eating lunch (a Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwich- no, not all rescuers are vegetarians,) I'm listening to Alien Ant Farm, checking the general email, and updating the websites and facebook.

The Most Interesting Email This Week:
Subject: Puppy # 863
Is this puppy still available? And if so can she be transferred to a Pueblo animal shelter?

LOL!!! Our mission is to support shelters by getting puppies out, not transferring them in. This puppy came from the Valencia County Animal Shelter in NM. That's a long way to travel just to send her back to Pueblo. If a person does not want to travel to adopt a dog they need to look closer to home.
But I didn't say any of that. I just said "No."

The Most Common Phone Call This Week:
About the Spay/Neuter Deposit. I want to clear something up. Adopters can only get the s/n deposit back by proving that their dog has been s/n. It is Colorado State Law. Colorado Puppy Rescue does not have the power or authority to bend the law. (Although that would be very helpful when I get pulled over for speeding.) 
An adopter can not get the deposit back by:
1. Sending in a letter from the vet informing us that the s/n will take place at a later date. This only puts your deposit on hold so that you don't lose it when your 90 days are up.
2. Sending a letter asking for the deposit back because you are moving to a state that does not require s/n.
3.Faxing or emailing your proof. It must be mailed to the address on your adoption contract.
4. Sending proof of s/n for a dog that you did not adopt from CPR. (That's just silly!)

How You Can Help This Week:
We REALLY need Puppy Food. Although we adopt 100 puppies/month from our partner PETCO Store, we do not get support from them in the way of food donations. Food donations is what keeps our adoption fees low. You can help by donating a bad of puppy food. We'll take any size, any brand. You can drop off at our PETCO Adoption Events or send an email and I can arrange for a volunteer to meet you closer to your home.

A PETCO groomer asked this week if we had posted on our website that adopters should arrive when PETCO opens at 9am to sign up on the list. (Some people will arrive as early as 7:30- but you didn't hear that from me.) We do not post a time to arrive. Adopters started coming at 9 on their own. On the website I advise our adopters to "arrive early." The people get to PETCO at 9am or earlier are the people who arrived when we open at 11am and found that they were too far down on the list to adopt the puppy they came for. They've learned from experience. The groomer asked me if we would post an "advised arrival time" on the site to even every one's chances. Not at this time. Adopters rarely complain to me about the system. They are the early birds for the next.

My Project for the Week:
I've been putting together an online photo album to display our Homecoming pics. It's taking awhile because I have about 700 photos to sort through. I should have it live mid-next week.

That's it for now. See ya later!