Friday, October 22, 2010

Five Years Ago Today...

It all began five years ago today. Our first adoption event was held on the lawn at Church Ranch Vet Wellness Center in Westminster. We had fifteen puppies at the event and adopted three. It was a big blow to our ego. Kim, Tom, James and I had come from Lifeline where we were used to adopting 60 puppies in a weekend. But we're nothing if not persistent. In five years we have found homes for well over 5000 homeless puppies. Whew!!! I am very proud of where we are today. We have over 50 active volunteers and foster homes and the continual support of our adopters.

You're Invited: to our Birthday Party at our adoption event - October 23rd from 11am-2pm. We'll have cupcakes, hats and 20 puppies to party with. See you there!

This Week's Volunteer Favorite: Puppy #936- Great Pyrenees/ Lab Mix boy. We think he's about 13 weeks old and will be a pretty good sized dog. He's starts out a little shy but warms up after he gets to know you. He's fluffy, loves to play outside with his doggy friends and uses a stool as a pillow. Our boy loves to nibble on the bushes outside and chew on bones. Everyone wanted to foster him this week.

What I've been working on this week: I have spent the week getting ready for tomorrow's birthday party and getting set for The Horrifying Day of Scrapbooking and Fondue- A party for volunteers and fosters where we watch scary movies, update our scrap books and eat fondue. It's always a good time but it takes a lot of prep work. And all the other boring stuff.

I need your opinion on Facebook: We have a Facebook profile page and a Facebook fan page. Here's where I need your help. We have 621 "friends" on the profile page and 729 "fans" on the fan page and 233 people are both a fan and a friend. I find that it's pretty tough to keep up both pages. I end up posting different pictures and different updates on each page because I'm worried about the 233 people getting bored with me. That means no one gets the same information.
I'd like to take it down to one page. I don't know which one to keep. Please let me know what you think.

Puppy Food Update: Thanks to the donations from new adopters, previous adopters, volunteers, and the passer by, we were able to collect enough food for the next few weeks. On the Petco front, we have submitted the second part of the application and are "Awaiting Foundation Action."

A Letter We Received This Week:
I adopted puppy #593 on 24 Jul '10. I had been looking for a pup for a few weeks. I had even gone to The Maxfund and they said we were not a good risk for a puppy. I was in tears when we left. All of my dogs live well into their teens. The large dog in the pic above (not included) is 14 years old, her name is Goldie. Pup #593, now known as "Jazzy" has made a good friend in Goldie. They play together, eat together and go for walks together. So much for Maxfund's bad risk. I tell everyone Jazzy is a rescue puppy from CPR and I hope some of them get their new family member from you. Thank you so much. We just love our little Jazzy.
Rebecca and Carl

See ya next week!