Friday, November 19, 2010

It's a short one, but worth the read

Puppy #975
This week's intake: OMG those are some cute puppies this week! (Yes, I know, all puppies are cute. But these are REALLY cute!) I've been swamped with emails about these pups. I think it will be quite a busy day tomorrow. We have 6 babies whose mom was a Great Pyrenees but they look more St. Bernard. They are pretty small though so I'm not sure if there's a smaller mix in the pool too. We're getting two returns this week. That's a lot and not at all usual. # 938-968 was adopted a few weeks ago and I'm sure he's being returned because he cries at night. #960 was adopted last weekend and after a week of trying to work it out, the older dog still doesn't like her.

This week's most interesting email:
Subject: Silky Terriers

We have (2) 13 week old silky terriers, AKC> one male one female. I bought them from Pet City for my D/D daughter. They are wonderful and smart, but we now have been asked for an extra 500.00 pet fee to keep them in our condo. I paid near $1200.00 for these 2 puppies. They ideally would go together. Please help us find a premo home for them. I wanted them for my daughter for company, but they are too much work for me.

What she means is that she wants us to help her sell her puppies. Luckily I didn't have to write her back, she sent the email to Kim. (But really, what's another $500 once you've already spent $1200 on them?)

This week I worked on: EVERYTHING! And doing a pretty good job if I do say so myself. With Kim taking time off I'm been handling both of our jobs. I'm looking forward to a nice rest when Kim returns.

The 2011 Foster Puppy Calendar. I compile all of the pictures that our fosters sent throughout the year and pick 13 to go into the calendar. Active volunteers and fosters get it for free. They are available to everyone else for a $10 donation. In the previous years I've picked the cutest pics that fit the required size specs. This year I'm looking for something different. I want a calendar that says "See how much fun you can have fostering for CPR?" If you do have an undeniable urge to foster after seeing the '11 calendar, you can email Renee at

I ordered this year's volunteer appreciation lapel pins and I'm very pleased with them. I also ordered a starter batch of "Proud to be a CPR Foster Failure" T's. Once they come in they'll be available for a $20 donation. Haven't failed at fostering? No big, next week I'm ordering t's that are just as cute for you too.

See ya soon!