Friday, December 17, 2010

Gifting Pups and other things I did this week

What a strange week. I want to start off by saying that it's my week off, which means that I work part time instead of full time. I've had a great break, but I wanted to share with you all of the things I did do this week.

First of all I thought I'd try out IE 9 beta. Bad idea. Now I can't personalize the font color, type or size in any of the fields I fill out online (including this one.) So I downloaded Firefox and I LOVE IT!

Great News!! Petco Foundation approved our food donation application and has already sent a whole pallet of food. WOOOOHOOOOO!! I never thought I'd say this but: Please do not donate anymore food. We have so much now that we're running out of places to put it. We no longer need food donations. I'll let you know when that changes. A special thanks to everyone who sent in food and helped up during our hard time.

Also on the donation front, we're received many "wish list" donations from companies and vet offices. Our puppies are doing well this winter. Thanks to everyone who has sent in donations. We have everything: blankets, ink, towels, toys, bowls, leashed, collars... it really is great!

Last week I was interviewed by Sr Youth Reporter Sophia Baker for a story in The Denver Post's Colorado Kid's Section. The story was about the ethics of giving a pet for Christmas and focused on pet owner-responsibility. When I posted on our FB pages that I had been interviewed about CPR's policies lots of people posted comments and opinions on the subject. The most common comment was to the tune of "I hope you told her that you are against the idea..." Since it was such a hot topic I thought I'd elaborate here.
Puppy #1071

CPR will not adopt to third parties. This means that you can not adopt for a person that does not live with you. The policy cuts out most gifts. The exceptions are as follows.
- An adopter must be present at the adoption event to adopt a CPR puppy. We want to meet you and know who our puppies are going home with. Is the person you're gifting to at the adoption event, meeting the puppy? If the answer is yes than we have no problem letting you pay and then allowing your friend to take the puppy home.
- We are open for adoptions on Christmas Eve. Most of our adopters that day will be parents adopting puppies as Christmas gifts for their children. It will be a surprise, the kids will have no clue until the puppy tries to eat the tree on Christmas morning. I know and you know that no matter what the kids say, the parents take care of the pets. Are you adopting for a minor child that lives with you? No problem. This is really YOUR puppy.

In our experience, it's a bad idea to adopt a pet as a gift for someone who doesn't live with you. People want to "connect" with their pet before they commit. When you gift a puppy, you rob them of that opportunity and ultimately the puppy will be re-homed. If a surprise is what you want, most shelters and rescues (including CPR) offer gift certificates.

An Email I received this week:
My family is planning on attending the adoption event on Saturday. But we would like to adopt a pair of siblings (sex doesn't matter) is that possible? Also, I was wondering the cost of 2.
Thank You
  Our average adoption fee is $150 + $50 for the state required spay/neuter deposit whether you're adopting one or many.

That's it this week. See ya soon!