Thursday, March 3, 2011

Our girl, Puppy 232

On Febuary 4th puppy 232 was found on the road, hit by car. She was taken to The Animal Care Clinic in Taos, NM for treatment and care. She was half starved and now suffers from constant tremors (see video.) She doesn't seem to notice the difference. She runs (a little strangely), she plays, she cuddles, she is smart, she aims to please, she sits on your lap and watches tv, she asks to go outside so she can lay in the sun, she's very affectionate.
Special Needs Puppy #232
There maybe unknown future complications, she maybe like this for the rest of her life, or she may get better. The Animal Care Clinic has documented her progress and show that her tremors have improved. 
Puppy 232 is available for a $50 spay/neuter deposit and will be at our adoption event in the Petco at Colo. Blvd and I-25 from 11am-2pm. See some photos of her at
Special Thanks to James for the great video!