Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Fix (6/7/2013) - Look at Me!

By Christy Hess

One of the hardest things when taking photos of puppies is to get them to look into the camera. These poor babies come into a new environment and often times there is a lot of activity going on around them. So when I take photos, I make funny noises and try to get their attention. Oftentimes I get shots like these:


I will look close, but not directly at the camera.

This is my good side.....

Something way up there is far more interesting.

I am going to hide behind this pole!

If I don't look up maybe she will go away.

I am going to curl up and pretend I am sleeping.


If I close my eyes everything will be fine.
But then sometimes, I get lucky and get shots like these:

Hope you have a great weekend. Please send me your great puppy photos or bloopers ( Also make sure you occasionally check out our photo albums. I try to keep the albums up to date every week and love, love, love seeing your photos.

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