Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Fix (5/31/2013) - Awkward

By Christy Hess

I want to start by saying thank you to Andrea, Kristen, Tyler and Kari for helping capture great photos of this week's puppies.

Puppy photography is an obsession with me! I think that getting the right photo is just so important for these puppies to catch the eye of their new family, doesn't always work that way.

Wanted to share some awkward puppy photos - first installment.

Lap shots are always challenging.

Let me get comfortable for this photo shoot.

Ummm....I don't want to touch it.

Watch the finger.

Another lap shot.

This is just embarrassing.

Please call on my - I am raising my paw.

Something is right over there.....

Don't worry - I got her. You are now safe.

Help me...I can't get up.

We try to get natural poses, but this one didn't work so well.

Gotta pay attention to the shadows and what/who is in the background.

Lap shot....

Excuse me - can you move?



I got nothing.....

I am putting one foot over the line.

Hope you enjoy your weekend. If you have any awkward puppy/dog photos that you want to share, please email them to me: