Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Fix (5/10/2013) - Photos

By Christy Hess

Want to give a shout out to our adopters who have been sending us Alumni and Before and After photos! I have been working hard to keep our albums up to date. I love seeing these photos - please keep sending them!

Current Alumni and current Before and After albums.

Our photos are FABULOUS (thank you Jill, Regina, Rebecca and Kristen). Here are some that just  make you want to say awwwww!

My current project is to take our puppy photos to the next level. My goal is to make each puppy pop a little bit more than usual! My challenge is that I don't know when to stop. This week we worked until 11:00 at night - I really need to get faster or play less with the special effects!

So here is my attempt taking these photos to the next level. This first one is the photo we would normally post, the second one is my attempt to highlight the puppy.

Want to hear a secret?

Which photo do you like better?

Your votes and comments would be greatly appreciated. Happy Friday!