Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Fix (4/26/2013) - Photo Editor

By Christy Hess

As I said in previous blogs, I got a new camera. This camera makes even a rookie like me look like a photographer. I love it.

I didn't think that our pictures could get any better, we have set the bar really high. Then Brook went and found a new toy for me. She got me a photo editor that is amazing! With just a click of a button I can transform photos.

Check it out!

After - love the old fashioned black and white.

Cute picture to start with.

Define the detail and make the grass pop!

Add a vignette and we are set!

Sometimes the background is not exactly what we want.

OK so I did a little more than just blur the background - love the special effects!

Cute puppy.

Cuter puppy when you add some color and a unique border.

I bet there is a fight to adopt puppy - and the photo is awesome.

Fun special effects make the eyes even bluer! 

This photo was a bit blurry to start out.

Found this fun filter to add a little color.

Then I found this one to just add some palm trees and a rain storm - voila!

Awww - just want to take this one home!

Now look at the poor puppy in a snow storm.

The same puppy look at a reflection in a rainstorm.

Looking into a window!

Infinite cuteness!

I think this picture needs to sent Travelocity - maybe we can make some money for the rescue!

It was so cute, you needed to see the photo more than once!

Cute little Jack Russell mix.

This makes that same photo look like a painting in a museum.

Fabulous markings on this Jack Russell.

This filter really made that eyebrow stand out!

I love the photos on the green chair.

This filter was so much fun to play with - made the doublemint twins!
OK - so I can easily get a carried away and I only got the program late last night! I am going to be spending a ton of time in my new program and will love every minute. Thank you Colorado Puppy Rescue.