Saturday, September 28, 2013

The CPR Haps (9/28/2013)

So I find that I am not able to get my blog published on Friday nights, but I do seem to have time and energy on the weekends. So I am going to try to publish weekly, but the day is still to be determined.

Last week was BUSY!!!!!! One of our girls had her baby (Ellie) earlier than expected but everyone is doing well. We had our Alumni Reunion last Saturday - what a blast! I have had requests to do another one in March, that might be too much, but I am hopeful that we can make it an annual event. If you haven't see the pictures check them out on zenfolio.

Regarding Zenfolio - I am working to get ALL of the puppy photos that I have online so if you would like to have a copy of your puppy photo, it will be available for download for a $5.00 donation. During the cold winter nights I will be working on scanning all of the Polaroid pictures as well so look for those online in the coming months.

October is a super busy month! We have birthday's galore and have to start working on getting the calendar ready for 2014 - gives me a great excuse to do my favorite thing....look at puppy pictures!

I want to rename my blog but am not sure what a good name would be. Can you please enter in comments with your suggestions?

No blog of mine is ever complete without a couple guessed it.....Puppy Photos!
Thinking this should be our new logo

Love the Rockies

The eyes say it all

This photo makes me want to just hug this pup!

Love my new whiskey bottle photo prop.

What a sweetie!

I want to rumble!

Pardon you have any grey poupon?

This puppy makes me smile.

Hope you have a great week.