Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Changing Things Up A Bit

That's a pic of the web design before our current one.
Vacation. For one whole month CPR is on vacation. We don't have any puppies in our system and it's a much needed break for our staff, volunteers, and fosters. Not me. I'm redesigning our website. It's been a while since I've updated our look and information. We need to stay ahead of the game.
 I asked for some suggestions on FB and came away with lots of ideas and contacts for graphic designers. Now to figure our my direction.
*New logo (maybe) I like the logo we have because it has the cutsy, mom and pop look that I think describes our company the best. But, I'd like to look at new colors and something more professional looking. A few of the volunteers made a good point about "brand recognition."
*New website look- I'm looking at new colors and cleaner pages
*Updated information

My deadline is February 22nd. I hope to have everything together by then. But one of the best things about being the boss is the flexible deadlines. ;)

I'm open to suggestions. Feel free to write me.