Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Fix - Puppies and Toys (3/23/2012)

By Christy Hess

I am so happy for the opportunity to be a guest blogger. The best thing is that I have access to a ton of great photos, we have extremely talented photographers with this rescue!!

This week, the weather was so nice all I wanted to do was play, and today is Puppy day, so I thought I would combine the two and show some puppies playing with their toys.

I think that these pictures speak for themselves.

Hope you enjoy!

The puppies idea of a toy is not always conventional.

Sometimes the puppies need to be coached into playing, but usually it doesn't take much.

Love it when a pup loves a toy so much they can't do ANYTHING without the toy.

With all of the talk of Manning - gotta have a football somewhere in the blog.