Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Fix - Puppy Firsts (3/30/2012)

By Guest Blogger

I have to say that Spring is my favorite time of year. It is all about starting new and fresh. You can keep the windows open all day and night and not be too cold or too hot. It is just perfect.

Spring is a great time to get a puppy. You can sit outside and watch the puppies all day and night without getting too hot or too cold or having too many bugs!!

Puppies are like spring, they discover things for the first time and it is so much fun to watch their reactions.

At Colorado Puppy Rescue, one of the most important jobs is for us to take a photo that captures the puppies personality and makes a great first impression. Some puppies are born to be photographed.

When you adopt a puppy you get to treat them to their first true car ride, front or back seat, windows up or down. They make great co-pilots.

Spring is the best time for the puppies to get their first roll in the grass. Some of our puppies have never even seen grass and it is fun to watch them explore.

Smell the flowers for the first time. In my house it would be the first and last time, because my dogs seem to prefer digging over smelling the flowers.

After they are done rolling and playing and having fun, your puppies may be ready for a bath. Many puppies don't mind the bath and it can be a real bonding experience.

Then the puppies can curl up in the first bed that they can call their very own!!!!!!

There are so many other first experiences as a new puppy owner that I hope you all can enjoy.
First Doggy Door

First Blog

First Novel

First Pepsi

First Favorite Stick

First Swim

First Set of Stairs

Enjoy those firsts they only come once.