Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Fix - Favorite Things For Dog Owners (4/13/2012)

By Christy Hess

I am not sure how many more blogs I will be able to do as a guest blogger, so while I still have a chance, I wanted to share some of my favorite things and more great photos that I found.


So my first GREAT find as my dogs grew up was the Furminator. This little tool not only gives your dog's coat a nice shine, but it also gets the loose undercoat hair.

You can now get one on Amazon for $18.00. This is well worth it to save your dog from a bad hair day.


Can't miss the opportunity to post a picture of a puppy with a fohawk.

The Furminator works for both short and long hair dogs and cats.


Dogs love to go on walks but if you find yourself being pulled around the neighborhood instead of having a nice walk..... need to get the Gentle Leader Easy Walk Dog Harness.

This is magic - well worth the money. Just make sure that it is fit properly. If it is too loose or too tight the dog will still try to pull.


Some dogs may suffer from a bit of separation anxiety. They love you so much, they never want to see you go. I found that if you get a Kong and fill it with cheese or peanut butter, the dog will often times be sooooo interested in the toy, they don't even know you have left. They are also one of the most durable toys I have ever seen!


Getting a good bed for your pup is important, but as it was brought to my attention with my earlier blog, this may be something that will be replaced (over and over and over again). 

Doggy Dish

Dog bowls are another item that you can get that can last a lifetime. The elevated dog bowls are great as dogs get older, they don't have to bend down so far to munch on their kibble.


Don't let looks deceive you, this little cutie can get into trouble if left unattended.

That is why I am such an advocate of a good crate, especially at night. The dogs gets a nice comfortable space that is safe and you get a good night's sleep knowing your dog is safe.

With my older dog, I still have the crate, but the door is always open. When he needs some quiet time, he sneaks up there to take a nap. He also uses it to stash toys away from his siblings.

Watch out if you get a crate too big, unexpected visitors might crash there too.

Fresh Air

Add some grass and sunshine.........

Great Owners

And of course the love of his/her people and your dog will be soooooo happy.

Double Vision

So I am dating myself, but do you remember the doublemint gum commercials with the doublemint twins? I think I found great some great ad campaigns to sell doublemint to dog lovers. I would buy it.

Cute Pics

For those who know me - I love a certain breed of dogs and those are the ones that ALWAYS catch my eye. But here are some photos of pups that are just too wonderful not to share.




There are very few things that I do not find endearing about a puppy, the soulful eyes, the never ending energy, the eagerness to please and learn, and......the ears.

There is so much expression in just those ears. I hope this pup never grew into them, they are just so darn cute.

These pups can't decide: a strong, intelligent, straight up ear or a playful, half-bent look. Love the indecision.

This one has no double - both ears up and they probably twist and turn in the direction you are talking, so every word is heard, especially when you open a bag of potato chips in the kitchen!

This is what I call the Flying Nun ears. Dating myself AGAIN!!!!

Hope you enjoy - have a great weekend.

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