Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Fix - Black Puppies (4/27/2012)

By Christy Hess

Great news!!!! Brook is back and feeling much better. More news! I am also going to be doing the Friday Fix as a guest blogger - I am so excited!!!!!! I have so many ideas that I can't wait to share.

We have a HUGE group of fabulous pups for adoption and many of them are black or black and white dogs this week.

Black absorbs light, which can make it harder to read facial expressions. There is little differentiation between black eyes and a black coat making it harder to see that a pup is making eye contact.

When first getting to know a black pup you might really have to focus in on body language and ears.

Sometime adopters may perceive black dogs as common, or generic, because it does take more than a glance to really see the personality of a black or black and white dog.

I have two border collie brothers that most people cannot tell apart, but they are night and day in personality and they couldn't be more perfect.

For the same reason, black dogs are especially difficult to photograph well - their features become obscured by their dark coat. Luckily we have great photographers and often find using colored "props" help draw adoptions attention to these great pups. Here are some great photos of pups that will be available this week for adoption (**note the pups above will also be available).

 The one on the left will be at the adoption event!


This one wants to just be a lap pup.

Awww - take me home and I will love you furever!

Me too!!!!

Seriously intent on checking out the backyard.

Blue eyes and dark hair - wow!

Something smells interesting!! This one has a bit of wave to that sleek black coat.

Did someone say Frisbee!?!

So if you are looking for you next pup, please just take a few more minutes to really "look" at the black and black and white pups - they are worth more than a glance.