Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Fix - Photo Controversy (6/15/2012)

By Christy Hess

Over the last year we have made some drastic changes to the website. Brook did a complete update and redesign and Daniel created a new logo. With those updates we also changed the way we did photos.

We started off with head shots.

But then we found you could not always tell size, or breed with just the head shot so for some we added a full body shot.

Then we sometimes added photos from the fosters outside or in a different environment.

Now we have a photo station where we catch puppies in action.

Or pose the puppies.

Or show their soulful eyes. These are what I would call the take me home look.

And sometimes they are posed and pitiful.

Please take our poll and let us know your preference on puppy pictures. Leave comments too - we want to hear from you!

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