Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Fix - Heelers (6/8/2012)

By Christy Hess

This week like many others we have a fabulous group of pups available for adoption. We have a number of Heelers (aka Australian Cattle Dog) this week. This is a breed that I know a little bit about. My rescue from Colorado Puppy Rescue (Sammie) is a 4 year old heeler mix. She is a fabulous dog.

The Heeler breed is very intelligent, but they were breed to work. If you don't give them plenty of exercise and something to do, they will invent a game themselves. Usually it involves herding family members into a room and trying to keep them all in a close grouping.

Heelers do have the tendency to nip at heels (which is an instinct). Yes you can train them not to do this, but you have to understand that this nipping is a way of getting your attention. Sammie will grab my pant leg or shirt sleeve if I walk by without saying "hello". It is her way of saying "wait a minute, you forgot something."

Most Heelers have very unique markings in either Blue (black and white), Red (red and white) or Tri (black, brown and white). Sammie couldn't decide her front half is Blue and her back half is Red.

If you want a frisbee dog, pal or protector, a Heeler is a great breed for you.

Here are photos of some of the heelers we have available this week.

For your further enjoyment here are some pictures of heelers that were adopted from Colorado Puppy Rescue over the year.

I choose to adopt Sammie 4 years ago. She is the piece of the puzzle that I didn't know was missing until she became part of our family. Thank you Colorado Puppy Rescue!

This is my Sammie girl