Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Fix (8/2/2013) - The Bar is Set

By Christy Hess

We have been watching many rescues and shelters who are taking the time to really capture great photos of puppies to be published on the web to draw adopters in. CPR fosters and photographers have worked very hard at capturing photos of the puppy face and body to give the potential adopters and idea of size and coloring.

The problem is...people fall in love with the puppy they see in the photo and want to adopt that puppy just based on what they see on the web. Photos along with the guess on the breed are used to spark interest in the puppy but how in the world can someone know by those two factors that the puppy is the only one for them!

Take this last week for example. We got 19 dogs from a hoarder. They were all white dogs and seemed to all be a mix of white german shepherd/yellow labrador/golden retriever mixes. Some were fluffy, some were smooth coat, but they were all about the same size and coloring. We tried to get photos of them in different settings, just so potential adopters could identify which puppy they wanted to meet first. However, we had people who only wanted to look at a single puppy from that litter and wouldn't consider meeting any other pup. To me, they missed out on a great group of puppies.

Photos and breed guesses are important advertising tools - and we will continue to strive for the best possible puppy photos, and the best breed guess, but we want everyone to come to the event with an open mind. Yes we want to know what pups sparked your interest, but if that one has already been adopted, look at the other wonderful choices to make sure that perfect puppy is not still waiting to meet you.

I brought my family to CPR to adopt a female border collie puppy. I knew I wanted a female and I like the border collie energy and intelligence. Waiting for them to get the tiny border collie puppy out for a visit, another pup (a little older) caught my eye. Female and high energy - she was the one for me. I could not have asked for a better addition to our family and though she is not a border collie - she is my mixed breed rescue that I love with all of my heart.

Hope you have a great weekend - make sure you check out the puppies we have available this week!