Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Fix (8/29/2013) - Alumni Reunion and Walk

By Christy Hess

It is ALMOST time!!!! Our Alumni Reunion and Tails Trails Run/Walk is just around the corner (September 21st!). I am so excited!!!! Many of you have already pre-registered, but if you haven't, please click on the hyperlinks above to get to the registration forms.

The Tails Trails Run/Walk is a fundraiser just an hour before the reunion. It will be a beautiful walk around the lake at Clement Park and EVERYONE is welcome to join us, we would just really appreciate it if you can pre-register so we know you are coming.

Photo Site

At the same time I am happy to let everyone know that our photo site is up and running. To give a little background, we get a few emails a week from adopters asking if we can send them puppy photos. Of course I love puppy photos and have no problem sharing them, but thought that it would be great for the rescue if:
  1. I could make them all available so people wouldn't have to send an email to get them.
  2. Have them posted so everyone sees how adorable our puppies are.
  3. Have all photos including alumni photos on one site.
  4. Raise a little money to help the rescue bring in future adorable puppies.
So photos have now moved to Check out:
  1. Alumni Photo Album
  2. Before and After Album
  3. Mystery Mix Album - hoping everyone guesses on breeds for this one
  4. CPR Videos
  5. Puppy Photos and Videos for 2012 (downloads available for donation)
  6. Puppy Photos and Videos for 2013 (downloads available for donation)
  7. More to come (ie: Reunion Album)
If you have a puppy from a previous year and would like to get your puppy photos for a small donation, please email me at

So we are talking thousands of photos, how do I find my puppy's picture? Each of the photos are named with the year and puppy number. So for now if you are looking for photos for puppy 546 in 2013 type 130546 in the search bar:

Soon I will be making it so the puppy number will be all you need. If you have problems finding a photo - feel free to email me.

Please let me know if you have any question or suggestions!!!! Would you like a blooper album?

Have a great long weekend. I know what I will be doing - working on updating the alum and before and after albums!!!!!!