Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Fix (8/9/2013) - Help!

By Christy Hess

The last few months we have been busy at Colorado Puppy Rescue (in a great way). Every other week we have a longer/bigger intake that starts later in the evening. This week we found out that we definitely need more than one photographer at an event. I was the bottleneck. But my wrangler hung in there for me and we ended up with some great photos!

48 pups + 630 photos + 3 hours + 3 hours cropping photos for website = 1 late night

We had the Sears Portrait studio for puppies going this week, because as we started pictures, the sky opened up and it started pouring rain. The great thing - the puppies are so darn cute this week that they will have no problem finding homes.

There were some bloopers though - enjoy.

Not looking!

Not looking!

Not Looking - see a pattern here?

Might have overdone it with the props on this one - my fault.

Needed to stretch his legs during the photo shoot

Fetch please!

What's happening over there?

What's happening over there?
Gottal love a shar pei shake

...and the other way.

Work it! The camera loves you!

How's this for a picture for the website.

Looks like the same dog as above - but they were two different dogs, just the same pose.

Watch out, if you don't pose for a picture I am going to make you pose in this bucket

Have a great weekend.