Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Fix (11/16/2012) - Corgi

By Christy Hess

This week we have a couple of puppies that we are thinking might be Corgi mixes. One book always comes to mind when I think of Corgis. It is a great book written from the dogs point of view.

Finding Mr. Right

by Emily Carmichael

From the back cover:
It takes a heavenly dog to make a hell of a match--
Right before her untimely death, Lydia Keane made one terrible mistake--she had an affair with her best friend Amy's husband. Barred from the afterlife until she makes amends, Lydia has been ordered back to Earth for one final mission: to find Amy a new husband. But there is just one small catch: Lydia must rely on her smarts rather than her centerfold body--because she has been reincarnated as a Corgi named Piggy!
Although Lydia was always an expert matchmaker, she never had to play Cupid while trapped in the body of a furry mutt. But if she wants a chance to rest in peace, Lydia must figure out a way to find Amy the most handsome bachelor in town--and pray that woman's best friend can spot true love.
I hope you enjoy - I found it very entertaining.

Here are some great pics to make your Friday even more special.

Have a great week - talk to you soon.

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