Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Fix (11/9/2012) - Thankful

By Christy Hess

I am seeing posts on Facebook for all of the things that people are thankful for. I thought that I would catch up with my top 10 things.

10. Hamburger Helper - as close to homemade as it gets around my house.
9.   Beautiful Colorado Weather - even though we are going to get snow tomorrow.
8.   Miche Purses - Just changed mine for the holiday. Check them out!
7.   Healthy family and friends - when someone you are close to is not healthy, it is exhausting.
6.   Good Wine - 'nuf said.
5.   Great Friends - I don't know how I got so lucky, but thank you all!
4.   My Dogs - because even on my toughest days, they make me smile.
3.   My Husband - he knows how to make me laugh until tears are running down my face.
2.   My Son - who is perfect! Know any single women? He is a cutie!!!!!!
1.   Colorado Puppy Rescue - the puppies that we go in this week were fabulous. Can't help but smile at these photos.


Natural Mohawk.

Ashley and I nicknamed this one Eeyore - this captured the attitude perfectly. 
Hope everyone has a fabulous week. Feel free to post comments on what you are thankful for, I would love to hear from you.