Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Fix (10/26/2012) - Halloween

By Christy Hess

This is the last blog before Halloween. Halloween can be a fun time of year for the whole family - even your dog. However, there are also potential dangers and sources of stress for your dog.

Halloween Candy and Other Treats

Remember that human treats are not usually good for dogs! Candy - especially chocolate - can be toxic to your dog. Other candies may also contain xylitol, a highly toxic substance. If dogs ingest food wrappers, there is a risk of choking, upset stomach or gastrointestinal blockage. Finally, alcoholic beverages and dogs do not mix!

Trick-or-Treaters and other Guests

Many dogs love visitors, but the constant ringing of the doorbell might get your dog over-excited or very stressed out (I know it gets to me after a while). Some dogs can become fearful of strangers and even be afraid of people they know if those people are in costumes. If your dog seems afraid of guests in costumes, let them go to another part of the house where they can feel safe.

Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Some dogs really enjoy getting dressed in costumes - they might ham it up and revel in the attention (take lots of pictures and send them to us). Other dogs can become scared or uncomfortable in clothing of any type. If you want to dress your dog up, start simple with a Halloween bandanna or collar.  If your pup doesn't like it, then don't push the issue.

We didn't have puppies for the last two weeks, so instead of cute puppy pictures, I thought I would share some dog costume pictures. You can still get you pup a costume at or you local pet store.

Happy and safe Halloween.