Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Fix (11/23/2012) - Black Friday

By Christy Hess

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. Great day to spend with family and friends. Today, being Black Friday and all, I thought I would give you some Christmas gift ideas for your dog!

Here are some of my dog's favorite things (just like Oprah - for dogs).

Clean Teeth

I no longer give my dogs rawhide bones. My dogs eat so fast, I am sure they are going to choke or have some kind of blockage. As an alternative, I use cow hooves. My dogs ADORE them. ***Warning - get the white ones - the black ones smell really bad.


I love to give my dogs special rewards once in a while. They go nuts for the Canine Carry Outs chicken treats. Other flavors are OK - but the chicken is always a hit.


If anyone wants to train your pup to catch a frisbee, I highly recommend starting with this soft floppy disk. If they miss it, it doesn't hurt their nose or teeth and they float in the air, making chasing and catching really fun. Brody loves this toy, in fact "frisbee" is the one word that makes him stop in his tracks and look my way. I am thinking of changing his name.


As many of you know, I have two ball CRAZY border collies. Their favorite choice by far is the flash - n- dash ball. We have some of these that have survived for 2+ years and they still flash. Note: There are times in the middle of the night that you may think you are getting invaded by aliens, because the dogs wake you up with the flashing ball in their mouth. Never fear, they are just saying thank you :)

Tax Deductible Donation

We have our Empty Plate Dinner going on right now. Check out our website ( for all of the details. This is a great way to help our puppies.

And finally - what is a Friday Fix without some cute puppy pictures.

 I was going through puppy photos to try to figure out what pictures to include on our calendar. We have so many cute puppy photos - I just can't limit it to only 12 photos!!!! Do you have a favorite that you want for a specific month. Let me know.