Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Fix (3/8/2013) - Body Language

By Christy Hess

Puppy pictures are my passion. I love working with all of the photos that we get of our cute little furry friends.

One of the challenges is when I come across a puppy picture that I think is adorable, but may not be seen the same way by others. For example I did a blog on smiles. I love when we capture a dog smiling, but if someone wasn't there and didn't see the dog wag it's tail at the same time as it splits into a big old grin, the photo might be misunderstood.

There are also people who may not be familiar with the puppy bow position. To me it says play with me!!! But someone else might not see it the same way. What do you see?

We also have some photographers that love to take action shots - which are great, but sometimes it catches the wild side and boy is it hard to have one that is in focus.

Finally there are some that I just can't help but post.


Just a quick nap.

Stop taking photos!

Puuuutttttttttt meeeeeee doooowwwwnnnnn!

 I hope you enjoy our puppy photos as much as I do. Have a fabulous weekend.